Five Star Gymnastics Renamed to 10.0 Academy

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Five Star Gymnastics Renamed in wake of child sex abuse scandal

The sex abuse scandal of Five Star Gymnastics' owner Steve DiTullio and his friend Steve Infante has been widely reported, both here and in the local and national press.  A couple of weeks ago the Five Star Gymnastics sign on Great Road (Rte. 117) in Stow was taken down and its website was replaced with a new logo and name-10.0 Academy under the ownership of Christalle and Dave Auger. While I have nothing against either of these two fine individuals and wish them every success, it is important to note that it remains to be seen how complete the change of ownership is.  Christalle is Steve DiTullio's daughter and Dave is her husband.  There are no comments on the website (still named and with a couple of remaining and embarrassing references to Five Star Gymnastics) concerning the "situation" which is still under investigation and prosecution. DiTullio and Infante are still required to make regular appearances in court as the case continues. The website is not currently available, even though the site is advertised on the new sign and on the old website's logo. A potential parent would have no indication that any alleged impropriety has occurred.  There have also been no letters in the local press from the new owners addressing the situation that has occurred (e.g., what role Steve DiTullio is playing, assurances of safety,  explanation of allowing Infante to coach students at Five Star despite the USAG lifetime ban, etc).  If the new owners want to be viewed as legitimate, they must address these issues publicly. If they do not, parents should still be wary.

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