Site Technical Notes

This site officially began posting on July 1, 2007. This page will chronicle "site technical notes" (which are mainly for my own information).


  • Task V6.x. 2011.01: Make new banner to integrate title with subtitle. Completed using Papyrus font 2/1/11
  • Task V6.x. 2011.02: Add Soundslides code for HTML5 compatibility (this will allow viewing on mobile devices and brings it up to standards) and upgrade the images to the current standard of 950 pixels. Completed 1/31/11 for newest 9 posts (3 pages)
  • Task V6.x. 2011.03: Decide whether to include a full-screen version of slide shows and what the sizes should be. I'm leaning against this (or at least against having larger images for full-screen). Completed 1/31/11 for posts going back to 9/27/10 at 1280px (which is a 35% increase over the inline show of 950px). I will leave it like this for a while until I figure out where SoundSlides is going and how this upgrade works.
  • Task V6.x. 2011.04: In the image upgrade, will need to make sure all slideshows projects are saved so that they can be updated more easily in the future. Current system was to delete the Soundslides project and only save and FTP the published code to the blog. Completed 1/31/11 (software allows loading an XML file for settings).
  • Task V6.x. 2011.05: "Server Side Include" the code for slideshows for easy updating. I do not think this is possible.
  • Task V6.x. 2011.06: See how easy it is to make the slideshow toggle autostart. I do not want to implement this as it's intrusive to the viewer.
  • Task V7.x 2011.07: Events Calendar. Added navigation bar and created a page with a quarterly events newsletter. Completed on 2011.06.25. Discontinued this and will instead post on the Facebook page.
  • Task V7.x 2011.07: Facebook Page. Added link to page on the main Navigation bar.
  • Task V7.x 2011.08: Facebook Like on blog posts
  • Task V7.x 2011.09: Twitter Feed
  • Task V7.x 2011.10: Mailing List Signup
  • Task V7.x 2011.11: Sent support request on 2/1/11 for MT-Notifier issues
  • Task V7.x 2011.12: Issue with formatting of header nav bar, body and footer (not consistent margins, need to check CSS). Completed 2/3/11.
  • Task V7.x 2011.13: Categories font styling in entries is not consistent within blog main index and separate entry listing. I have a file started on this, saved to sysadmin folder (see: MT-categories_fix file)

Release Notes

  • V6.0. 2011.04.06: Moved all photo gallery "pages" to blog entries and created a "highlights" link in the main navigation bar in place of the photo galleries link.
  • V5.0. 2011.01.31: Major new design direction. Changed the site into a single column. This allowed the increase of images to 950 pixel width (a 58% increase over the 600 pixel width) which drastically changes the feel of the site and the visual impact of the images. Since all the content was removed from the sidebar, I added a navigation bar and footer bar. In the process, the site's CSS files and templates needed to be drastically revised.
  • V4.8. 2011.01.30: Cut the related sites links from the "About" page and placed them on a separate page called "Related Sites". The "Related Sites" page needs to be significantly enhanced. Also added the "Related Sites" link to the footer links.
  • V4.7. 2011.01.29: Added MT-Pagination. Index pages are 3 entries per page with a maximum of 24 pages (for 72 entries). All others can be accessed through the Archives. Settings for Categories and Monthly archives are set at 10 entries per page and all posts will be paginated (i.e., no maximum).
  • V4.6. 2011.01.29: Added plugin FastSearch 2.22 for searches will replaces default search. It uses mySQL fulltext indexing which increases search speed.
  • V4.5. 2011.01.03: All new slideshows are now full-screen enabled at 1280 pixels.
  • V4.4. 2010.09.22: Fixed comment posting in "Guestbook" (was a cgi-bin path issue) and fixed up the markup for that page's templates. Did a slight modification of the main layout. Various other small fixes.
  • V4.3. 2009.04.15: Added "Guestbook" (using a modified comments template) and posted to "About this Site" and Main Page.
  • V4.2. 2009.04.13: Enhanced right column "Images" section. Now has bold link to main gallery index page as well as links to featured galleries. Also, created new galleries with "best of" images.
  • V4.1. 2009.04.12: Converted all prior image galleries to blog-embedded flash slideshows with play feature or user-controlled click throughs. Redirected all galleries formerly hosted on Apple Country Photography to Apple Country Living. See Apple Country Photo Galleries.
  • V4.0. 2009.04.01: Added slideshow feature for multiple image posts. Only the lead story will be an auto-running show, while all other stories will be user-controlled click throughs. The site uses SoundSlides Plus. 2011.01.30 Note: This became labor intensive, since two separate instances needed to be created (see Task 2011.06).
  • V3.2. 2009.04.01: Most all posts will have large 600 pixel width images. I am trying to make the site more visually appealing. I edited many of the previous posts to increase image resolution of some of the better images.
  • V3.1. 2008.12.31: I upgraded the Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) by making a 3-D border for images as well as turning on link highlights.
  • V3.0. 2008.07.08: Site was renamed from Stow Musings to Apple Country Living to reflect a larger geographic coverage area.
  • V2.0. 2008.05.01: Site was moved from Google's Blogspot to my own host and upgraded to Movable Type 4. Layout templates and Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) were written and the site gained a new clean design.
  • V1.0. 2007.07.04: Blog is created on Google's Blogspot. Site is called Stow Musings.